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Jeff Bridgman Antique Flags and Painted Furniture - EARLY YARD GOODS TEXTILE MEMORIALIZING GEORGE WASHINGTON, CIRCA 1824-1830
Jeff Bridgman Antique Flags
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Dimensions (inches): textile: 25.5" x 30.5", frame: 31.75" x 36.75" x 2.5"

Printed on cotton and thought to be of American origin, this yard goods textile was probably produced sometime between Lafayette's final visit to the U.S. in 1824-25 and the 1830's. This period also encompassed the 25-year anniversary of our nation's independence from Great Britain, in 1826.

The repeating centerpiece is an oval medallion that contains a portrait of George Washington, in sepia ink, on a striking blue background. Above this is a spread-winged eagle, flanked by 13 star flags in the 4-5-4 configuration, over which are 13 seven-pointed stars in a wide arc. Surrounding it all and stretching to the borders is a floral design of leaves, flowers, fruit, and stalks of wheat.

An example of this beautiful early textile is among the collections of the New York Historical Society. It is documented in "Threads of History: Americana Recorded on Cloth, 1775 to the Present", by Herbert Ridgeway Collins, Smithsonian Press, 1979 (item 77, pg. 81). This is the best text on American political textiles. Collins formerly served as Curator of Political History at the Smithsonian Institution. He dates the textile to 1830 specifically, but does not provide explanation. Knowing something about how the information was compiled, I'd suggest that this date was probably attributed by the New York Historical Society and may be a best guess rather than a known figure, based on colors and fabrics. I'd suggest that a specific occasion drove the need for such a fabric, such as the 1826 anniversary of our nation or General Lafayette's return visit to the U.S. in the immediate years preceding. Lafayette and Washington were great friends. It may be that the fabric was produced to honor him and gain some favor with the Frenchman who selflessly aided in our cause for freedom.

Mounting: The textile has been hand-stitched on all for sides to 100% cotton. It was then affixed to a wooden strainer, covered with an acid-free supportive background. The mount was then placed in a black-painted and hand-gilded, contemporary Italian molding. The front is u.v. protective plexiglas.
Primary Color: brown, blue
Earliest Date: 1824
Latest Date: 1830
For Sale Status: Sold
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