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Jeff Bridgman Antique Flags and Painted Furniture - NATIVE AMERICAN CHILD'S MOCCASINS WITH FLAG IMAGERY, PROBABLY SOUIX, ca 1890
Jeff Bridgman Antique Flags
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Dimensions (inches): Each 7.5" x 3"
Native American child's moccasins, made from hide with elaborate patriotic beadwork, ca 1890. The colorful imagery includes opposing pairs of American flags, each with 6 stars and 13 stripes, set upon a sky blue ground, with white borders that feature light blue crosses, accompanied by red and blue, pyramid-like, geometric designs. On the soles of each are 2 more opposing American flags, each with 4 stars and 8 stripes, also set upon a sky blue ground with white borders containing red and blue geometrics. As with most American Indian artifacts, the star and stripe counts are merely decorative.

Fully beaded moccasins such as these were worn for special occasions, like ceremonies, pow-wows, and celebrations. They would be used for "show" and to illustrate the skill of the maker. Although moccasins with fully beaded soles have erroneously been associated with burials, implying that the deceased would wear them only in death, historical photographs dispute this theory. In a traditional setting, the viewer would be able to see the soles when the wearer was dancing, rode a horse, or was seated upon the ground.

The Sioux are plains Indians represented by three primary divisions based on the Siouan dialect and subculture. These are the Santee, Yankton, and the Teton Sioux. Their people stretched across the American Plains from Montana to North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and into Canada.

Condition: Excellent.
Primary Color: red, white and blue
Earliest Date: 1880
Latest Date: 1900
For Sale Status: Available
Price $4,500
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